Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bold Ass Alphabet Soup

Head 2 toe-thrifted w/exception to beanie-gift

I know by now yall are probably like, 'This bitch stay wearing those boots'. To which I'll say, 'yuuuuup'. I can't get enough of these. They literally go with every single article of clothing I own (which isn't that much, but still).  The top I thrifted and cut the bottom up all haywire. It's so fucking hot...It looks like graffiti, which is why I love it, and I swear that I see panda bears on it too, but maybe that's just me. 
I'm so ready for it to be the weekend. This week is going by soo slowly for me..just dragging by really. Eh.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Links A La Mode

I was included in the IFB Links A La Mode, and I've just noticed, so this post is a bit late. IFB is a wonderful tool for bloggers to help with blogging support, and it offers free blogging advice from professionals and fellow bloggers alike. Check it out, here.  

purple bananas and fudgeballs

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Look at Me Loving This Outfit in 15 Different Poses!(The Circus of Fashion)/Everybody's Got a Bart Simpson Sweater But Me

Head 2 Toe: Thrifted

Long ass title I know; forgive me. Originally, I wanted to name this post 'Everybody's Got a Bart Simpson Sweater But Me' because this sweater reminds me of the Jeremy Scott Bart Simpson sweater almost everyone has. Then I read this little number: The Circus of Fashion by Suzy Menkes, and I changed my mind. 
 So, if you're a fashion blogger or just love juicy gossip and 'fashion related drama', I'm sure you've either heard of or read the highly criticized piece by Suzy Menkes entitled The Circus of Fashion. In it, she goes into depth about being nostalgic of the times when fashion lovers were more like crows (gag) in regards to dressing for themselves rather than peacocks prancing and preening and 'oohing and aaahing' for the cameras  at fashion week.
(Why would I not want to be a crow again? Oh, yeah, because I don't like feasting on roadkill or always wearing the same ol' outfit of black feathers. I'd rather be a peacock and feast on nuts and vegetation while letting the sun bounce off of my colorful palette of feathers and blind the shit out of a crow.)

She states, ".....judging fashion has become all about me: Look at me wearing the dress! Look at these shoes I have found! Look at me loving this outfit in 15 different poses!"  I've gotta say that the entire article put a sour taste in my mouth, as the way that the article reads is that she thinks bloggers are just in it for the possibility of fame or gifts, but this statement hit me the hardest, because, well, unlike journalists who represent a certain brand and must stick to that brand's regulations whether its a newspaper or magazine, I and other bloggers alike operate a blog that we have full control over. I can accept gifts and money if I want,  and I can post fifteen different images of me in one outfit, if I want, because it' my blog and I work for no one but myself. 

I also hate the she implies that those people who are preening and strutting for the cameras (peacocks, she called them) are wearing gaudy attire just for the sake of the cameras. All I've got to say to that is, one person's gaudy is another person's dope. Just because she doesn't agree with what someone wears doesn't mean that person shouldn't be wearing it. Who the hell is she to say that someone is dressed for the attention? I mean, I'm not talking shit, but I've seen what Suzy Menkes likes to wear, and I'll just say 'to each their own'. 

Let me stop my rant. But before I go, lemme say that those pics you see up there of me loving this outfit in fifteen different poses....?  These, Suzy Menkes, these babies are dedicated to you.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baroque Sweatshirt

Sweatshirt-target DIY/Pants-thrift/Boots-thrift/Chain-Gift/Backpack-thrift

One of my least favorite things to experience as a blogger is getting photobombed(4th pic from top). Hate that shit. 
Anywho, on to the outfit: pretty sure you've seen these jeggings as I live in them. The sweatshirt is a DIY. I decided there was no way in hell I was gonna drop $60 and upwards on a sweatshirt I could create myself, so I DIYed it. I think its pretty dope, but, of course, my opinion is biased. 
Don't you dare laugh at my nails. They were a throw together I did right before we went out to dinner tonight. Thank god the restaurant was dark and the lighting not too bright. I mean, they are so obviously press ons... Can you say #ratchet... haaaaaaaaaaa!