Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jr is a pro at walking...!

So it seems as if Jr. has mastered the art of walking. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm excited that he's accomplished a milestone on schedule, yet a part of me thinks he's growing up too fast! He's even getting more independent-wanting to walk instead of being held. Sometimes it makes me want to cry. Anywho....

 Here, he is wearng the t-shirt that Dada(daddy) made hm for his birthday. 

Poor baby. He was frustrated at Mommy for taking so many pictures.

Until later,
Purple Bananas and Fudgeballs

Been gone for a minute...

So, I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but the past two weeks have been hectic. I traveled from Havelock, NC to Charleston, SC to audition for Amercan Idol. As you may have guessed, I was not selected to be one of the lucky hopefuls, as that probably would've been the first thing I'd posted. Here are a couple of pics.

We were one of the first people to get in line, yet there were a few hundred people ahead of us. That first night we waited in line from 11pm until 7am the next morning..Talk about tired...Ugh.

Anyways, Tata...                                                                Purple Bananas and Fudgeballs,

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Faux leopard print.....

I've had my hair in plaits for forever-about 3 months to be exact- and they are looking horrible. I'm trying to keep them in until Michael comes back home, and so I find myself wearing hats and cover ups more often to try and prolong the style. Anywho, for the OOTD(outfit of the day)....

Hat- Forever 21
Top- Derek Heart
Shorts- TJMaxx
Shoes- Minx Me

Hope You Enjoy...Until Later..
Purple Bananas and Fudge Balls

Friday, July 15, 2011

Minty fresh.....

....So, my favorite new color is mint..I'm obsessed with it....I love it on my nails, on my clothes, and if I could pull it off, I'd probably stick a track or two of mint hue into my own locks... In this outfit, I'm wearing Essie's Mint Candy Apple on my nails...Can you say 'minty fresh'?

Can you tell the sun is in my eyes? 

Shirt- Thrifted
Shorts-American Eagle Outfitters
The shoes I wore in this outfit are the same shoes I wore in my 'Feeling the Mood' post.

                                                                                             Purple Bananas and FudgeBalls...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jr.'s 1st BeeDay!

Today my booboo turned 1 yr. old! It seems like time flew..cliche, I know, but it does. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing our brand new baby home. So, because Daddy is still deployed, we didn't have an all out baby birthday bash, but we did give him a birthday hat and let him eat his cake, which was really a huge cupcake!

Peaches, mint and cream

This morning was a little cooler than most mornings, so I opted to wear something cooler...I paired my outfit with a peach/shellfish blazer. Later on, the hot NC sun prompted me to remove it, and I later added a second tank underneath for comfort.

Tank-Wet Seal
Skirt- TJMaxx
Belt- Thrifted

Purple Bananas and Fudge Balls

Friday, July 8, 2011

Get jiggy with it..!

No, I can't dance. Yeah, I'm black. Lol. Believe me, I try....I just can't.  Anyway, I call the pants that I wore today(the pants in the following pics) my jiggy pants. They're very jiggly...hehehe..

Shoes-Michael Antonio

Purple Bananas and Fudge Balls