Saturday, July 2, 2011

So much to do, yet so little time!

I haven't visited my blog for a while because I've been much too busy to write or upload pics.. Too busy doing what, you say? Believe me, I know it doesn't sound like much, but chasing after a not-yet-walking eleven and a half month old will create a toll on your body.

I injured my back at the gym trying to get beautiful..hehehehe! But in all seriousness, I twisted it too far to one side and I heard a 'pop' that sounded like a mini firecracker-you know the do it yourself ones, not the professional go-to-the-stadiium-and-watch ones. So, I might have to go to physical therapy(blech!).

Also, I've been super busy sending out my manuscript to publishing houses. I wrote a fictional fantasy novel awhile back, and I'm thinking it'd be better to actually go about trying to see if it's good enough for others to read than have it sit on a shelf and collect dust because I'm scared of rejection. So here's (fingers crossed) to hoping!\

Anyways, we are eight weeks-YES, EIGHT WEEKS-from Daddy's homecoming, and we can't wait...! I'm so ready to just lay back and give him the reigns again. I'm not a leader. Never have and probably never will be, that is, unless we're talking about the line for the icecream truck. I'd rather sit back and do the learning....ha!

I've started to order the banner for his homecoming. It's coming along nicely and I'm so anxious to have it in my hands. It'll make his homecoming seem more realistic, because, as for now, it seems like a dream.

Anyways, tatas, Jr is chanting, "Mama, mama, mama". That usually means he wants me to hold him while he watches his Elmo..
Spoiled little daddy....

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