Monday, August 29, 2011

Going tribal with a dash of zest.....

....Lemon zest that is....and, no, I haven't gone and sprinkled the zest of a lemon over my body. I'm not a cook. I don't think that even cooks do that. When I say 'lemon zest' I'm referring to the bright lemon top I paired with  a cheetah printed pair of shorts and wore today...

I don't normally wear jewelry, but I thought that this choker just brought the look together....

I used nail polish from Sinful Colors, Ulta's nail polish line, and Love and Beauty from F21 to give my nails a 'tribal' look..well, my interpretation of 'tribal' anyways...

These shoes completed the look...


                                                                                    Until Later,
                                                                                                 Purple Bananas and FudgeBalls

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Storm clouds and killer shoes!

     So, just like every other weak willed hurricane virgin this side of town, upon hearing about the impending danger of Hurricane Irene, I fled about 5 hours west to a safer abode, which, in my case, was my mom's home. However, just as every other weak willed hurricane virgin that fled with me, I found, upon my return, that Irene had been hyped up a bit too much. Maybe it was because I didn't have the courage to stick it out, and so didn't stay and experience any real danger or maybe it was something else, but all I know is that nothing in my home was damaged, there were no signs of flooding anywhere, and no widespread looting. In fact, the only thing out of the ordinary were the fallen trees here and there. Speaking of trees, there is a huge fallen one in my yard that missed the neighbors' car by about a foot. Lucky bastards.
     Anywho, I'm so very happy that I did flee to family, or I would've never discovered my cousin's love for shoes..and not just shoes in general, but fantasticalsexyfabulous ones. I loved every pair that she owned, and that says alot about her taste in shoes, because, although I'm not the 'end all/be all' when it comes to shoe fashion, I'm a very picky person when it comes to shoes. I wanted to steal every pair that she owned, and never look back. However, as she said, and I quote, "What would you do with them, but go clacking around...(implying they were a couple of sizes too big)"....Okay, I lie. Those weren't her exact words, but you catch my drift...Anywho, on to her sexy shoe collection...

Look at the backs and heels of these! Can you say 'sexy'? That red against that print is so darling! I could curl up with these and a pint of vanilla icecream and call it a day. Pssst...she found them online for 12 bucks and some change!

Shoes in photos courtesy of Raven Miller. Thanks for letting me post them!

Until Later, 
Purple Bananas and Fudge Balls

Friday, August 19, 2011

The B word...

I hate bitches. You know, bitches. Like the lady behind the counter at checkout who's glaring at you when it's actually her fault that she scanned the bunches of bananas too many times...or the guy who rides your ass the entire highway, only to pull off into the Walmart parking lot. Like, really? You're ready to kill myself and you to get to Walmart. Or the military wife whose husband is an officer so she thinks that warrants her a salute? 

Yeah you heard me right. Umm, no bitch. Last time I checked you're still a civilian. You didn't go through boot camp, officer school or none of those things. I will not address you as 'Mrs. Officer 'Yadayada'. I'd rot in the eighth round of hell before I'd do so. And for you to ask a Marine to salute you because you happened to drive your husband's truck that day to go through the base gates makes you look like the ass that you are. You need to check yourself. Oh, and the day that you mistake me for a Marine and ask me to salute you will be the day you ask your husband to request a new duty station. 

'Tis all. Bye. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pumpkin and Mint Nails....

I'm no expert at nail art, but I was playing around yesterday, and this is what I created. They're cute, but only if you don't look too close!

Nicka- Some sort of sparkly grey(the name is worn off)
Pure Ice-Twinkle
Essie- Turquoise

Purple Bananas and FudgeBalls

The perfect shine...and other things.

I have sometimes too oily sometimes to dry facial skin. Actually, all of my skin is this way. I've always been looking for a cream, oil, paste, just something to give me that perfect balance of moisturized but not too greasy look. I've been using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Creme for as long as I can remember, and even though it's a bit too greasy for my liking, I'm in love with it's smell, and so I've chosen to use it on my face in the past. However, I stumbled upon an oil that's been right underneath my nose the entire time-literally in my kitchen cabinets-that seems to be the perfect facial oil. Duh-duh-duh-dummm!

Vitamin E oil!

I know, I know. This is a longtime beauty tip that everyone knows about, right? Well, not me..that is until recently. I can not gush enough about the wonders of vitamin  E oil. It leaves my skin smooth to the touch with just the right touch of shine. I love it! 

This is how my skin looks when using Palmer's cocoa butter creme. It appears greasy, and I appear pissed off! I'm not wearing makeup here. I rarely do, but that's another topic.

Here are the results of using Vitamin E oil...
 The flash makes my face appear greasy here, but it really isnt..

Overlook, my unwaxed brows, my face sans makeup, and the lone pimple on my forehead. Once a month, a pimple pops up here and there.I know, right? Yuck, but it's life. Oh, and the putrid wallpaper in my bathroom. Our landlord doesn't allow us to paint or wallpaper or any of that stuff that I'm dying to do! 

Purple Bananas and FudgeBalls

Saturday, August 6, 2011