Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Suit Minus the Tie

Blazer & Sweatpants-Thrifted/Boots-Xhilaration/Sports Bra-Target/Necklace-Gift

 I love wearing different styles of clothing for one look. Here, I've mixed some sporty Nike black sweatpants with a sports bra and a men's oversized blazer. The sleek lines of this blazer are to die for. It pulls the look together and gives me a 'hardly trying' sort of vibe. Love it. 


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sit for a Spell

Dress & Shirt- Thrifted/Gold Nose Hoop- Claire's

I've always been curious about the supernatural world-always been eager to learn about witches, pentagrams, ghosts, and spells. I wonder if it could ever be explained by science, or if it really even exists or is just a string of strange coincidences. Hmmmmm...
When I bought this dress (thrift store), the cashier asked me if I had a little girl starting school soon. I just giggled. Um, no, this baby is all mine. when I tire of it, I'll just snip the top portion and wear it as a

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Can't Telll Me Sh*t Cause I'm Wearing My Vintage Nike Track Suit!

Track Suit-thrifted/Sports bra-Target/Gold Choker-Ebay(really an ankle cuff)/Boots-R21/Gold Herringbone Necklace-Ebay

Found this dope ass vintage nike tracksuit at a thrift store. It was originally white, and I so wanted to keep it that way, but, with my luck, parts of it were yellowing. After trying every trick in the book to get it back to a bright white, I just threw in the towel and dyed it. I still think its hot shit, though.