Tuesday, January 3, 2012

style feature: my sis

...my lil sis was kind enough to let me style her as a feature for my blog.  Styling her was simple because everything looks good on her (lucky bitch!). 

We started with a simple very geometric cut summery dress. The back is amaaaazing! (We spied it at Pacsun, and we both wanted it, but it looked much better on her (again, lucky bitch!), so she bought it. 

....Added a hint of color with a very light pink scarf....

...Because it is a bit chilly here, we layered the dress with a horizontally striped sweater. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I finally pulled of a stripe-on-stripe look!

...She is a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, and besides I didn't want to overshadow the cut of the dress by loading on jewelry, so she went without. I mean, really, this dress should be the shining star of any outfit! 

For the rest of the ensemble, she wore black tights and wedged sandals....
...oh, and a black trench coat completed the look, and kept her toasty!

dress- o'neill
striped sweater-body central

bye, dolls
purple bananas and fudgeballs

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  1. Love the stripe on stripe! And it looks really cute on her!



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