Sunday, April 8, 2012

pieces of me

Am I the only one who bases her looks on accessories i.e. my fave hat and undergarments i.e. my favorite bra? No? I'm the only freak?

My favorite breakfast consists of icey cold seedless grapes and.....

......home brewed peppermint and chamomile iced tea...yumyum

An empty lotion vase. I filled it with a bit of pink cloth and bits of branches painted pink.

I suddenly have this thing for vintage rings and in preparation for starting a collection, I thrifted this beautiful lidded bowl, soap dish(?) to keep them in. As of now it's quite empty, but previously I'd used it to store the hubby's jewelry. 

My bedside book collection taking shelter under a gem of a doll's hat thrifted recently. 'Invitation to Tea' should be stuck in there, but it's sitting on the edge of the tub where I left it this morning after my bath. Probably ruined and wet..... :(

Originally these frames held different paintings, but I destroyed them(for lack of a better words) and kept the frames. The pics inside are photocopies of vintage photos I found on the Internet. Funny story. They're actually in reverse. I'd downloaded them and copied them so that I could transfer the images to cloth, but that little plan sizzled on me, so I ended up just gluing the actual pics to my favorite cloth (see pic below), and hanging them in the frames. Worked out just fine. 

If you didn't know already, my favorite color is pink, specifically baby pink. I found this cloth in a clearance section of Walmart. I immediately grabbed it. It's sooo soft. I used a portion for the curtains in my study, a portion for the empty bottle of lotion in my room, and the piece above is used to swath my Canon T2i so it doesn't get dusty.

When we were married, the hubs brought all of his childhood furniture to our new place, and gave me this dresser. It was previously stained wood with a glossy finish. It never sat right with me, so I sandpapered it down, painted it white and distressed it. Now I love it. 

purple bananas and fudgeballs

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