Saturday, November 17, 2012

First World Problems of a Fashion Blogger

So, it's been, what, a year and some since I started this blog? And since the time I've called myself a fashion blogger, I've encountered problems that range from 'nothing worth losing sleep over' to 'handfuls of hair pulling out' in regards to intensity. these problems, I'm sure, every fashion blogger has run into or will inevitably run into, and so I feel as if I have a duty to warn those who will come after me i.e. future/budding fashion bloggers about the problems that go hand in hand- nay, married to-the term 'fashion blogger'. The following problems and solutions are in no precise order.


Having people judge you and/or give you catty remarks and nasty looks when you give yourself the title of fashion blogger.

------Look, this happens quite me, anyway. You can either ignore the catty, judgmental bitch or take the time to carefully explain what you do or lie and say that you were just kidding about being a fashion blogger and fabricate a different career. 
Personally, I prefer #1 with a side of 'you-can-suck-it-if-you've-got-a-fucking-problem-with-it!


Trying not to look like a complete donkey's ass as you pose and cheese for the camera by yourself in public.

(I've had people approach me to tell me that I'm very conceited to take pictures of myself in public. I've also had people take excessive detours around me and my tripod while simultaneously giving me looks that scream that I'm not of this world and I belong in a nut house.)
Again, you can choose to ignore them and focus on getting great shots (because you'll be damned to go home to discover that they're all out of focus and all because you let a complete stranger intimidate you about YOUR fucking hobby, career, etc)...Or you can explain to them exactly what is it that you're doing, which could put you back at problem #1!
Me? I give them a bitchy 'hi' read 'Um, why the fuck are you being so nosey? Get the fuck out of my background! Thank you!'


Having other bloggers spam your inbox/comments with 'I'll follow you, if you follow me' requests.

Grrrrrr. There is nothing more in the fashion blogosphere that roasts my vagina more than these little shits. (Ok, yeah. I'll admit that there was a time when I was a brand new blogger that I'd send those out too, but back then, I knew no better.) Now when i get these spammy shits, I completely ignore them. I mean, really, if I'd  wanted to follow your blog, I would've done so already!  And why the fuck do you want me to follow your blog, anyway? If I'm following for the sake of following, I'm probably not gonna visit your blog anymore than the time it takes for me to follow. Beware! Followers do not guarantee readers or page views! In fact, back in the day when I did accept those requests, it's not like I'd follow and then follow up with a good peruse through your blog. I'd take the time to follow, and then I was out that bitch, never to return, unless your blog was really interesting, which, if it were, you probably wouldn't feel the need to go around sending out these corny ass 'follow' requests anyway!  (Oh, and yeah, stop posting that 'follow' shit in my blog comments. I'm sick of that shit. Feel free to sign with your blog, though. I find my favorite blogs that way)


Having to face the ugly stereotype that your blog isn't professional if you don't have a DSLR.

Okay. This rumor was probably started by bitches who own DSLRs. Obviously. I don't agree with it. You can have a professional blog with a point n' shoot camera. All I ask, if you're using a point n' shoot is to please, fucking please don't use Photoshop to try and blur the background of your photos to make the subjects stand out. Unless you're a professional at it, it will be painfully and sadly obvious. (I had to learn the hard way). To be honest, to me, a professional blogger is one who is getting paid to put digits to the keyboard and post..and the compensation doesn't have to just be monetary, either. It could be anything..kitkats, books, clothes..hey, you're the negotiator. 


Being told to spend outrageous sums of money on expensive clothes because that's what  professional bloggers do

Another rumor that originated in the bitch department, specifically, the rich bitch department (and I'm willing to bet my favorite thrifted denim jacket on that). These are the same bitches who cry, "Cheap clothes, cheap blogger. You must have expensive clothes to be a professional blogger." 
I call bullshit. I buy 80% of my clothes from thrift stores, and sometimes I get them free from the free bins. Yet, I consider myself to be a professional blogger. Why? Because I've turned down several deals 
from well known brands, that, if I'd accepted them, could have lined my pockets really well. And look,  I don't even have 100 followers yet! 

There are many other fashion blogger problems, I'd like to address and probably will at a later time. But for now, I'll leave it at that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, "Just be you. Do you. Fuck the haters. Fuck the naysayers. Fuck the rich bitches..not all of them, just the snobby ones. Fuck the poor bitches. Not all. Just the mean ones. Oh, and make sure your pics are nice and crisp and stop with the spammy 'follow' shits."

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  1. Thank you! This is so real right now. Thanks to you for saying this.

  2. love this, follow me I'll follow you?

    JUST KIDDING. I think a general "blog etiquette" should be a mandatory terms of agreement before people start to blog. especially to let people know they don't have to go into debt to keep up with the big names out there.

  3. This is basically all my thoughts on blogging! I'm so glad you've put them out there for people to see.

    And if you'd like to check out my blog it's but I certainly wouldn't want you to follow if you're not interested! xoxo

  4. Oh sweet sparkling fuck yes. Especially the last one. At one point someone asked me how I was supposed to talk about fashion if I got most of my stuff from the Goodwill -- because "how are people supposed to be inspired by that?"

    How are people supposed to be inspired?! Making the most of a shitty financial situation? Working hard to root through the aisles for the perfect thing? Looking unique in a mix of clothes you can't get from the store?

    But I didn't say anything from the above paragraph at the time because I didn't think of it that fast. I was like "Uh... dunno." (Perfect zinger. I really know how to bring those "bon mots" home in real life.)

    So anyway, long story short, kickass style can't be bought. They're jealous.

  5. As a new blogger I want to thank you for the advice!! Much appreciated haha :)


  6. Oh you forgot one more thing...the trolls on the internet! Anyway, I love this post and I love it even more that you are so straight forward and can give a shits what anyone thinks and say. Love it! Keep doing you honey!

  7. hahaha, I loved your post! It's so true!!! I especially hate it when people bash on "fashion bloggers"...what's so strange about it?

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