Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Uniform

Head to Thigh-thrifted/boots-xhilaration

 My mind is made up that this is the standard unofficial summer uniform nationwide, right? I mean, cutoffs, plaid over shirt, and tank..they're an unspoken summer rule. 
Sorry I've been gone for forever and a day, but my ass has been busy with life. 



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  2. u rock babe! this is simply super cool!

    Hope to see u soon on my blog!
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  4. Long time not reading you... That's a great outfit, the belt is a nice detail and I especially like how the shoes shine in the photo. I've similar shoes, but never wear them! Also, the over shirt, I think with the wind it looks kind of like a superheroine cape. (except, you know, tied at the waist?)
    Cap look good as always and I love the cut of the shorts!

  5. Hi, Whit! You rock that see through black top! Sexy, sexy! :D

    Being busy with life is always a good reason.

    Thanks for following me on tumblr, girl, you made my day!

    Peace and love!


  6. I love this outfit. Dope! The last picture is my fave. LOVE the boots.

  7. great outfit!!! I love your top!!!
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    Have a nice day


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