Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hi, non-existing, but hopefully futuristic followers...

I never knew that writing about oneself could be so hard...especially when you're a newcomer (moi) who has no fans to ask questions that need to be answered like, "Where did you buy the top you're wearing," or "Golly, that looks like ass on you," (hopefully I'll never receive any of those-Here's to hoping!)

Anyways, I guess this is where I tell a little about myself and my aspirations so that my followers-although currently non-existent that they are-can know a little about me and we can develop that oh-so-sought-after bond that bloggers and their followers share!

I'm 22...blehhh, but I feel so much older! I have a 10 month old son, who, at this current moment, is staring at the TV, mouth hanging open, and a blank stare in his eyes. He's watching Elmo. I kid..I'm not one of those Moms. I mean, I do let my son watch TV, but before the drooling starts, I drag him away and give him his blocks.

I started this blog to keep me busy while my hubby is away. He is a Marine and currently in the fifth month of his first deployment. It has been a gut wrenching, avoiding the news, lonely five months if I say so myself. I've only managed to keep my sanity, because my son, who I will refer to from now on by the nickname we(Mom and Dad) gave him-Jr-keeps me on my proverbial toes. My sister is also staying with me to keep me company, even though at this very moment she has been away for two weeks visiting an old friend-how rude!

I'm an art student. Art is my passion, along with a couple of other things: writing, all things fashion and singing in the shower.

And now that you know a little bit about me, but not enough to want to stalk me(hopefully), and not enough to think that I'm my favorite fan, I've gotta go. There is a little curly haired boy trying to climb the tv stand!

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