Thursday, January 24, 2013

That Shit's Dope IV: Where Dem Boys At?

All Photos Taken From That Shit's Dope(you can find the sources there)

Soooo...I know I completely fucked up yesterday and uploaded the wrong post..was supposed to do a Wednesday fashionspiration post, but, my sis confused me and had me thinking it wasn't Wednesday yesterday..Ya know, enough with the bullshit excuses..I fucked up, but I'm making it up.

This edition of That Shit's Dope is dedicated to dem boys. Ya know, the boys whose swag and sense of style is so on point, that sometimes you wish that you could be a boy for just a second...that is, until you realize that you can wear exactly what they are wearing and pull it off ten x better than them..I kid. I mean, me personally, yeah, I can wear anything a guy can and make it look ten times better, but I can't speak for the rest of you 

P.S. Yes, I am aware that ASAP is littered throughout this post. No, I don't see that as a #fucking problem.



  1. The outfit of the first picture is just awesome.
    My favorites: 1, 5, and left one on the 9th picture. Though 5 is too summer-y, if we weren't in winter it would have jumped to my eyes as well as picture 1 and 9.
    Also this jacket:


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