Monday, January 28, 2013

Cleant Up!!!!

Pants and Top-thrifted/ Beanie-gift/Shoes-Xhilaration/Socks-Gift

See? I don't always look like I just rolled out of bed and chose my outfit with eyes closed by method of  Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Felt like an old school gangster in this nobody could tell me shit today..haaaa!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Girl Can Dream II: Front Row Spring 2013

See the rest of the collection, here

Saw these and my mouth just fell open. Literally. This is just dope. as. fuck. All that leather. Yum.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

That Shit's Dope IV: Where Dem Boys At?

All Photos Taken From That Shit's Dope(you can find the sources there)

Soooo...I know I completely fucked up yesterday and uploaded the wrong post..was supposed to do a Wednesday fashionspiration post, but, my sis confused me and had me thinking it wasn't Wednesday yesterday..Ya know, enough with the bullshit excuses..I fucked up, but I'm making it up.

This edition of That Shit's Dope is dedicated to dem boys. Ya know, the boys whose swag and sense of style is so on point, that sometimes you wish that you could be a boy for just a second...that is, until you realize that you can wear exactly what they are wearing and pull it off ten x better than them..I kid. I mean, me personally, yeah, I can wear anything a guy can and make it look ten times better, but I can't speak for the rest of you 

P.S. Yes, I am aware that ASAP is littered throughout this post. No, I don't see that as a #fucking problem.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wallowing in White

Sweater-thrifted/necklace-gift/skirt-tjmaxx/leggings-kohl's/socks-dollar store/shoes-thrifted/beanie-target

Love this sweater..It's got all the right shit that a perfect sweater has i.e. oversized, soft..and just the right hang to it. Paired it with an old pleather mini skirt and black velvet leggings. I feel like the perfect pair of shoes to go with this look would be these black Isabel Marant sneakers, but, alas, my pockets aren't deep and never ending. So, I made do with my old Nike's. Still looks good as


Sunday, January 20, 2013

80's Baby

Top-borrowed/pants-thrifted/socks-gift/chain-gift/shoes-buffalo exchange

This weather is psycho. It's what..almost the end of January, and yet today was only cool enough for a light sweater. I even had to take my jacket off. Makes me yearn for summer and cheeky shorts and icecream and the beach. 
Went to a couple of thrift stores and the flea market yesterday with some friends and found this little baby(the polaroid). I've started collecting them. They're cool to have even though the film for them are expensive as fuck. I got some film as a gift from the hubs..It was like $27 bucks for eight lie. Polaroid stopped making the film in 2004(ish), and a company called The Impossible Project bought the production machinery and started producing it, and the cost just skyrocketed to the heavens. But enough about that..

On a more happier note, I found some dope Doc Martens, buuuutttt, they were size eleven men's. I bought them anyway and put them on ebay. They were only ten bucks, so..

Yeah, thats been my week so far..How's your's?

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