Thursday, September 22, 2011

Falling into Fall.......

So, it's that season again...the season for weari!ng warm sweaters, stylish boots, and tights! Fall is not my favorite season, but.....I love it because to me it's the best season for fashion!

My favorite print is leopard, but for some reason, I can't seem to pull it off during the summer. Maybe it's just me and my quirks. I am sort of an oddball. It just seems so much easier to wear a leopard print blouse or pants during the fall. It fits in with the season...Fall and leopard print-any animal print really..It's my thing...!

To the detriment of Michael, I went to Rite Aid a couple of nights ago, and purchased my nail colors for the fall! Usually, I space shopping for seasonal nail colors over a few weeks, but I was so excited that I couldn't help myself. I'm not one to really follow trends though, so I'm sure that I will be wearing a highlighter lemon nail color one of these fall days. 

I used three of the fall colors-Sinful Color's Mercury Rising and Flirting Nails and Wet and Wild's Casting Call/Rose Sage for the following nail design......

Enjoy and Til' Later, 
Purple Bananas and Fudgeballs

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