Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nerdy Throwback...

So, hubby and I had a date ngiht last night, and since we didn't fancy it up (only went to see a movie), I wanted to keep it casual...By the way, we saw Contagion and it was sort of weird. It's about some weird disease that spreads through contact, but that's not what made it weird..I actually wanted to see the movie because of the story line. What made it weird was the fact that in the beginning and middle everything was so slowly to unroll, there was a lot of thoroughness about it, but in the end, it seemed as if everything was rushed. I'll bet that I'm not making much sense. I barely do...So, in the words of my hubby..."It seemed as if they ran out of time towards the end of the movie and were like 'let's just show the end result already'. I was quite disappointed with the ending.

     Yesterday, hubby also made me dinner..mmmm yummy. He made spaghetti and turkey sausage balls...They were delish! I managed to snap a few pics of him but not the food....His fine looks distracted me and made me wobbly, so the pics of the food came out blurry...Ha!

Skirt-tj maxx
necklace-flea market
boots-tj maxx(?)


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