Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pink Hues

So, I know that I haven't written anything for a while, but I've got exciting news. Mike's home! He's been home for a week now, and it's been such an exciting busy week. With school projects, moving, homework, whisking Jr to and from daycare and Mike being home, my life resembles a whirlwind right now! I'm so excited about moving, though. I'll have my own office/closet space that I can decorate to my hearts desire! I can't wait! Mike also gets to finally have his man cave(garage). He's excited about that, also. Anywho, I took these pics a couple of days ago, but I wore this to run errands. Oh, also, the nails on each of my hands are two different colors because I couldn't decide which I liked best. I had bought several Sally Girl mini polishes for a buck each, and I couldn't choose between the two, so I wore them both!

Romper- F21
Shoes- Madden Girl
Bracelet(black)-Gift from Hubby from Overseas
Bracelet(wooden)-Flea Market
Nail Polishes-Sally Girl

Enjoy and Until Later,
Purple Bananas and Fudgeballs

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