Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY Tape Chain

Okay, so I promised that I'd post the DIY for my tape chain, as seen here. It's so very simple as all you'll need are a tape and chain-hence it's name. 

You'll want two types of chain: one small and one chunky. I chose for my chunky chain to be white, and the smaller to be a darker color. 

The chunky chain will hang around your neck, so make sure to choose a length suited for your taste. Next, thread the smaller chain through the two end links of the chunkier chain. Afterwards, take the free ends of the smaller chain, and thread each one through the open circles of the tape. 

Take the loose ends of the smaller chain, pull them until their isn't any slack in the front, and tie them together behind the back of the tape. 
Voila! You're done!
Click here to see how I wore mine! 

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