Friday, October 5, 2012

Wolf Face

Sweater-f21/shorts:borrowed from sissy/boots: thrifted

So, I know I've got some nerve..taking a mini break from blogging and then to come back with a F21 sweater on. Like, whaaaaat? Lol. Yeah, I hate wearing the same shit everybody else wears, but, my sister coaxed me into going to the nearest f21 which is like almost three hours away. I figured, I'd spent all that time going there, that I'd better buy something. I love this sweater, though. Really, I do. There's something really 'in your face' about that wolf. Almost like a 'warning: chick bites' sorta thing. Idk. 
...And can I get a virtual high five for these funky timberland boots? Favorite shoes now. I like them more than I like my Dr. Marten xhilaration knockoffs. Really. I like wearing them without tying the laces like I'm a badass and shit. lol

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  1. LOL love the last line of your post. Such an edgy outfit! Love it!


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