Friday, March 22, 2013


Head to Toe-Thrifted w/exception to gold choker(ankle bracelet, really) and boots which are xhilaration

Sooo, I know I've been gone for a good little minute, and I don't even have a good excuse. Mainly just me being lazy. But, I'm back. I've been thinking about dyeing my hair for the summer. I've never died my hair any color other than black, and I just want something exciting for a change, so I'm thinking pink or blonde. I'm just a bit apprehensive about doing it though, because I'm a natural and I've heard all sorts of things can go wrong when you mix natural hair with dye. Here's to hoping I get the balls to just say 'fuck it' and do it. 



  1. I love your boots!

  2. I love this look, the hat & denim jacket totally finish the outfit off! Awesome style, now following xx


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