Monday, March 25, 2013


Long Sleeved Tee & Sweatpants-Target/Jacket-Thrifted/Heels-Vintage,Thrifted/Gloves-Borrowed from the Hubster

With an exception to the shoes, my daily look mostly consists of sweatpants and bodycon shirts with an oversized jacket, like this. As of late, my feet have had an aversion to heels, and unless the occasion is special, my feet are usually snug in boots or some type of athletic shoes. 
This look is super comfy, but still looks put together.  Since I've taken a break from school, most of my free time is taken up with exercising, and so walking out the house already dressed in gym appropriate attire saves time from changing in the locker room.
Oh, yeah, and peep the new nose ring!



  1. Goooooooorgeous shoes. I am LOVING this ensemble, very inspiring. You have such a fan-freaking-tastic eye! THAT JACKET<3 And you really werk in your the fierceness.



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