Wednesday, March 21, 2012

tomato and okra soup: comfort food

tomato soup is one of my favorite dishes. It's my comfort food.I made a pot yesterday, because I'd been running around all day and I needed a pick-me-up, something that I could make quickly but would taste like I'd spent hours on it. 

I used:

four beefy red tomatoes
as much okra as I wanted (not any one specific measurement)
onion powder
bay leaves
extra virgin olive oil

(To be honest every ingredient could be added or cut to your liking---so simple :)

I like to start with my tomatoes, so I peel them, and afterwards cut them into bite size chunks
Put them in a deep pot for boiling
Prepared okra by slicing and placing in a separate pan for's where the evoo comes into play
After the okra was cooked to my liking, I dumped it into the boiling pot of tomatoes, added onion powder, and waited until the tomatoes were cooked (I can usually tell they're done by how much tomato juice has seeped form them...the more the liquid the more cooked)
After I plate the soup, I add one or two bay leaves, and swirl them around for the flavor, then immediately take them out..and presto...


purple bananas and fudgeballs

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