Friday, June 1, 2012

DIY No Sew Collar Tips

Start with two triangles of a fabric of your choosing. I went with the leopard print of the three.

Use hem tape to bond two of the three sides of both triangles together, right side to right side.

Afterwards, one side should be left open, like so ^

Turn it inside out

Trim the corners so that the ends sticking out are no longer there

Place the insides of your shirt's collar inside the collar tips. For a more finished look , use a safety pin to pin the back part of the tip to the collar, or you could do as I did and go for a more unfinished look, pining the collar tips in front.

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  1. Ahhh this is such a clever idea...def going to be trying this out!

    Lovely blog - following you :)


  2. Thank you! Your blog post on Caviar nails has given me inspiration to do a DIY. I will be sure to link to your blog as I saw them first there!


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