Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Turbaned Chick

(top-thrifted, shorts-gap,friendship braceltes-diy,turban-scarf/thrifted)

This super bold printed, yellow gold just screams summer! Anybody else want lemonade now? Not that bottled concentrated crap that dares to be labeled as such, but the homemade kind that's got just the right amount of sugar and tart! With the weather reaching upwards of 95 degrees already, I've been living on that stuff. Speaking of.....

purple bananas and fudgeballs


  1. Great style!

    Love Emma

  2. Wow, I just love your hair! Millions of tiny braids, and then all of them gathered in a wacky hairdo, pure genius!
    And I love the outfit! The turban thing is so chic, and I love the touch of yellow in this outfit, especially on your nails. ;)
    I'm following you on now. :* If you want, you can find me on: http://the-wandering-heart.blogspot.com
    Have a nice day! Kisses from Serbia! <3

  3. damn, I love your style! wish I could have braids like you but well, cannot have everything! anyways- looking great x


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