Monday, June 4, 2012

Morning Haze

(dress-thrifted, blouse-thrifted, shoes-my groovy wanna-be oxfords that I didn't feel the need to include in the pics because you've seen them several times already!)

The minute I stepped out of bed this morning, it seemed that everything was going wrong for me. I was running late, and in my haste to make up for lost time, I stubbed my toe on the stairs. After getting dressed, I realized that my dress was on backwards-I have no idea how that happened as I have a huge mirror in my dressing room! Poor Jr wasn't having such a good day, and wouldn't untangle himself from my legs this morning as I dropped him off at daycare, which required me to use up a good twenty minutes consoling him so that I could finally slip out. I then realized that I'd left my keys in his classroom, and had to step back into his presence where he spied me-cue extreme toddler freak out. I came home to pick up my homework before going to class, only to realize that I hadn't finished it all last night! Ugh! Here's my hoping for an increase in luck throughout the day! How's your day so far?

purple bananas and fudgeballs


  1. I love all the different colors going on in this outfit. It's a really beautiful look!

  2. love that dress, love the editing of the pics, the lighting.. EVERYTHING! amazing post, will definitely follow! xx

  3. hi! your blog has a very interesting outfit and love this dress too! followed you already. mind to follow me? still need your support :)


  4. So love the dress! I'm your newest follower and expect more of me commenting on your future posts


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