Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Eyes of leopard.....

I've decided on my Halloween costume, and it only took forever to make up my mind. I've decided to be a kitty/leopard. I was playing around with my makeup last night when I should have been working on homework, and I created an eye look that I just love and will recreate for Halloween!

I used a bright gold color from my Professional 180 Eye Palette from Profusion that I absolutely love, love, love, a Black Radiance liquid eyeliner in black for the leopard spots, and lined the bottom lid with my Elf Shimmer Liner Pencil in Black. I also used my Elf Lengthening Mascara to coat my bottom and top lashes. I'm not really one for falsies, but that would probably dramatize the look, so I might wear falsies for Halloween.  I had so much fun creating this look, and I'm including the instructions below so that you can recreate it yourself!

Things you'll need:   Black eyeliner both liquid and pencil, an eyeshadow of your color choice, a darker eye shadow than your first choice and mascara

First, use a primer on your eyelid. This makes the colors pop in your eyeshadow. Next coat  your top lid with  your lighter eyeshadow. Use a blending brush to fade out the color towards your eyebrow so that there are no harsh lines.

Afterwards, take the darker eyeshadow and apply to your crease and outwards to your brow bone. You may extend the eyeshadow to your liking. For a less dramatic look like mine, keep it closer to your actual eye instead of sweeping upwards. Blend well so that there are no harsh lines.

Next take the liquid liner and create c's haphazardly on top of your lid.

Take your eyeliner pencil and rim your lower lash line, but only the outer portion of your lower lash line. Smudge the line so that it's soft using your finger or a smudger.

Take the lighter eyeshadow and rim the inner  portion of your lower lash line. Smudge.

Use liquid liner to create a cat eye on your upper lid.

Coat lower and upper lashes with mascara to your liking. Use falsies for more dramatization.

Embrace your inner sexy!

Until Later,
Purple Bananas and Fudgeballs

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