Sunday, May 27, 2012

A chambray cropped blouse and a lemonade

(skirt-thrifted, chambray blouse-thrifted..and chopped by moi)

Okay, okay, so I'm not living in my velvet shorts. They are comfortable, but...I went to the beach yesterday, and those shorts ended in my dirty clothes basket. I really didn't feel like looking for any nice scenery for these pics. I'm literally spending the entire day inside catching up on shows that I've missed during the week, but I popped outside the balcony to snap these. 

purple bananas and fudgeballs


  1. Hey lovely! Just found your blog via my group on IFB!
    Your blouse is so cute, love your outfit shot!

    I'm your latest follower on GFC and Bloglovin :), would be so happy if you could follow me too!


  2. Love the nail art


  3. Your nails are so cool! Also loving the top, following! :)

  4. These shots are really pretty even though they were taken on your balcony. I really love the outfit & your nails. :)

  5. Such summery photos.. I love the colour of your skirt too (I have a thing for green at the minute!)x


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