Sunday, May 13, 2012

It was all just a dream

(shorts-gap, sweater-borrowed, shoes-groove)
I wore my DIY removable collar today. I'd been wanting to do a DIY collar project for forever and finally got around to doing it. I made two, and this is my favorite of the two. Keep your eyes open for the tutorial for it!

purple bananas and fudgeballs


  1. Where did you find the golden dog thing you put as a button on the collar? That's one really cool collar... I already did one but I used a normal pink "cameo" button. Then I plan to do a collar the normal way (without cutting it from somewhere else) so I can a a high ruffly collar, with cotton and elastic thread. (not sure about the words, but I guess it's that in english!)
    Now,that's one unique collar you have made :o

  2. The golden dog is a pin. I thrifted all of my pins. Do you plan to do tutorials on your blog of the high ruffly collar? That one seems like fun! I'll have to see what you come up with, so I can do one of my own.

  3. This outfit suits you very well. Especially the colour of your blouse. The collar you made is extremley cute!!


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