Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good Luck/ Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Happy Kwanza/Happy Hanukkah

Pants-borrowed/Sweatshirt-thrifted DIY

Sooo, technically (imagine finger quotes in the air) I don't celebrate Christmas i.e. I'm an atheist, and I don't have belief in the meaning behind Christmas. However, I've got no qualms about receiving/giving gifts, and the hubs and son celebrate Christmas, and I must confess, I actually like decorating for them around the holidays...though, I'm sure my desire for decorating is owed more to me being creative than religious. So, whether you do or don't celebrate Christmas, or whether you do or don't recognize another holiday, I just wanna say good luck...good going that you survived the Apocalypse/end of the world, and good luck on being what you want to be and doing what you want to do in 2013! 
Me? I'm lounging around in the hub's pajamas and my favorite sweatshirt, catching some 'me' time while the kid is down for a nap. In a few hours, I'm off to a a hubby's friend's Christmas party. (Say that shit 3x fast.)

purple bananas and fudgeballs


  1. My family have celebrated Christmas for years for the same gift giving reason, though we couldn't get too creative with the decoration. This year we didn't, though, because of lack of money. (Also, you know, this year Hannukah ended like a week ago!)
    These pants seems amazing.
    "and good luck on being what you want to be and doing what you want to do in 2013!"
    Same wishes to you!
    That picture is so well taken...

    1. Lol.... Didn't know that Hanukkah had ended... Just wanted to include everyone...lol. ....thank you! :)


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