Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Concrete Jungles Where Dreams are Made Of

(boots-xhilaration, socks-r21, jersey-thrifted, shorts-thrifted diy, glasses-claires)

I feel like inside my country ass there is a city girl just aching to burst out-a New Yorker, to be more specific-and every time I wear this shirt, I have to struggle to keep her inside of me.  Funny thing is, I've never been there...ever. The hubs has promised to take me so I can thrift to my little heart's 'content, but he never keeps it. I mean even when we make the 8 hour road trip to see his parents in Jersey, we still somehow end up avoiding New York. Funny how that works! But, my anniversary was yesterday, so maybe, for a present... yeah, I'm really not the romantic type. A culmination of horrid boyfriends and cheesy movies sort of squashed that romantic seed in me before it could fully bloom. So maybe, just maybe, I can finally make it to that concrete jungle. 

purple bananas and fudgeballs


  1. I freaking love this! I asked a lady in the sore the other day how she gets her hair to look like yours. Does it give you a headache?

    1. Lol...No, it doesn't give me a headache. It isn't heavy. My hair grows out of my head this This comment is funny.

  2. oh love these shots youve taken, love what youre wearing and the country-side place is fab! :)


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