Sunday, August 5, 2012

Study in Black and White

Jr is his usually current state of emotional distress.
The Littlest Sissy.
The sissy.
Granny looking down from her self appointed 'throne'.
Beautiful Mama rocking her healthy 'fro.
Lil' sis
I took these pics about two weeks ago when I went to visit my family in South Carolina/North Carolina. I like taking pictures in black and white. It adds a certain poignancy to my photos. May I say-and I'm very proud of this-that all of my subjects in the photos are natural haired beauties. My granny and littlest sister have never had relaxers, my mother is newly natural, and my sis and I have about three years of being natural between us both!  

purple bananas and fudgeballs


I read all of the comments and appreciate them whether I agree with them or not. #freespeech lol