Sunday, December 18, 2011

Burgundy Flirt and Rags to Riches

I've never been so happy about any nail polish as I am these two Rimmel London polishes that I picked up the other day.  What made me so excited about these is the width and shape of the brushes. I abhor nail polishes that have the long thin brushes where you can only apply one sickly thin strip of polish at a time, taking forever to paint one nail. These brushes are wide enough that they cover an entire nail in one swipe-even my thumb nail-well almost.

I know that I'm raving about these polishes like an addict, but, if I were to be honest, I'd have to admit that the color of the Rags to Riches polish  (vomit green) was very disappointing. In the store, it looked more like a hunter green (which is what I wanted because it seems more christmassy), but when I swatched it later, it's like a pale vomit-ey green. It also doesn't help that there seems to be a scary amount of very finely crushed particles of glitter thrown in there, which just makes it look even more pale. 

I like the touch of royalty that the London crowns add to the packaging...

But yeah, they have more pros than cons in my book. Definitely.

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  1. I LOVE Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Pro! I have nearly ever color, and even their french manicure polishes are great. For the longest time, I kept my nails long and painted in the french style, but when I started getting color curious (blacks, dark reds, etc), I starting using these and they are great. I always use Sally Hansen anti-chip top coat and it last a long time (though I change my polish on a weekly/bi-weekly basis). I like Essie polishes too, but prefer a thick brush like Rimmel London too.


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