Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recent thrifts...

So, as luck would  have it, I never have time to visit the thrift shop on base, and when I do, it's usually closed. But, with  yesterday being the last day of class for the semester, today, I was finally able to get a chance to visit during store hours and browse a little. I was a little disappointed at first, as it seemed that the merchandise consisted mostly of handmade goods and trinkets. Imagine my surprise, when, turning to go, I caught a glimpse of houndstooth pattern peeking out of a pile of rubbish! I've been captivated by houndstooth lately for some reason. So, I hurried over and snatched it up and discovered this late 80's/ early 90's style button down smock, and smashed up against it was this navy blue dress in a similar style! I paid seven bucks for the both of them. What a bargain! I will wear the navy dress as is. It's beautiful with it's simple lines as is. The houndstooth smock is a bit too large for me, but that's fine, because I plan to rip it apart and sew it back in a style more becoming than what it is. Probably make it into a straight mini with long sleeves. Now all I need is a pair of red wedges, and I'm officially in heaven!

This blouse I thrifted two days ago. It's slightly sheer with a ruched collar, and I'm loving the pleated details in the front as well as the pleats atop of the sleeve that give the appearance of a 'puff'. 

Purple bananas and fudgeballs

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