Tuesday, December 6, 2011


By the following photos, one could probably come to the correct conclusion that I was obviously very bored today. I started swatching my collection of lipsticks(which is not very impressive in size, to say the least)...that, in turn, evolved into applying them to my lips, and voila!



Okay, so the last is a nudie, that is, not a nude lipstick either, but my lips bare of lipstick. I've never understood the whole 'nude' thing. I mean if you're gonna wear a nude lipstick color that matches your shade, why not just throw on some lip balm/clear gloss and call it a day.

Now,  looking at the  pics, I'm seeing that most of my lipsticks are almost the exact same color! Gah!

I know, I know, I need to step my lipstick game up! Maybe I'll play Santa's elf to myself and fill my stocking with my own goodies!

PB & F

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