Friday, December 16, 2011

Eeek! I've been included in a Links À La Mode roundup!

Checking IFB has become part of my every morning ritual, and no I'm not ashamed to say that in the least. I think every blogger who wants to become a professional blogger( and not a self proclaimed one at that) should make checking IFB a part of their routine blogging schedule. I mean, seriously, you can find great tips for blogging, taking self portraits, meet fellow bloggers, and a host of other blog-related things all there.

Of course, you must know that I'm getting at something here, and it's monumental for me. So monumental, in fact, that I haven't stopped grinning since I  logged onto IFB to discover that I made this week's top 20. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

I'm so freaking overjoyed, surprised (not that I thought my submitted post wasn't good enough), and so freaking happy right now!

The post that I submitted and selected was my Miu Miu Glitter Sneaker DIY (which you can find on the right in December's posts) or here:

....And for you dolls who just want to go straight to seeing who made the list like me(waves hands and jumps up and down) is your clickable list.

Anyways, because I can't take a celebratory shot, as it's the middle of the day, I'm going to take a break from   chores and grab a handful of jelly beans and chow down while sipping on an ice cold diet coke, because that's how I get down!

Eeeeeek! :)

Purple bananas and fudgeballs

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