Thursday, December 29, 2011

december crush list

To my dismay, I didn't get my major Christmas wish fulfilled-that is, to go shopping in New York, so my Dec crush list is completely void of garments of any kind. But, that wish will should be fulfilled mid-January, and in return, my January crush list should be smack-filled with clothes, clothes, and more clothes!

But, nevermind my moping about 'spilled milk', and let's talk about what did make the list!

I've never used a gel eyeliner before, but I can say without a doubt, that I'm never turning back. I love the consistency of it. Another plus is that I can change the shade of it by either using more layers or less. Say if I wanted a non-true black eyeliner, I'd probably only apply one layer, but if I want a truer kohl look, I'd apply two or so. 

I was a bit disappointed when I first opened the jar, and saw exactly how little product it contained, but...a little goes a long way with this stuff, and at $7.94 it won't exactly dent your wallet!

I like my lipsticks to be tasteless, and non-sticky, and for me Rimmel London's Stay Glossy lipgloss is the holy grail of lipglosses. 

To be completely honest, every Rimmel London nail polish that I own should be included in this month's crush list. I love this nail line so muuuch! Thickly pigmented and wide brushes made me fall for them. So, these two were selected for this month, not because I love them the most out of all, but because I couldn't possibly put all of my Rimmel London polishes here..(well, I most probably could, so that's not completely true, but I won't).

Ahhh! I'm such a Rimmel London whore!

Best moisturizing lip balm I've ever tried. Hands down. I've been wanting to try the Maybelline  Baby Lips Lip Balm for a while, and I finally bought it about 3ish weeks ago. Smells like coconut, and tastes like coconut with a hint of vanilla. I'm not sure if the taste is intentional, though. It isn't too strong of a taste to where it's obvious that it's supposed to taste like cocunut, but more of  a hint. Eh, whatever. I love it! 

Sidenote: I do think they could've done more with the actual tube, though. It's a bit bland and lacks any type of decor. I mean, it's just in your face blue.....

Bye dolls,
Purple Bananas and Fudgeballs

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